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Overactive Bladder Treatment From DSM Leamington Spa

An overactive bladder (OAB) is a condition in which the muscles of the bladder contract involuntarily, causing a sudden and urgent need to urinate.

Overactive bladder symptoms (oab symptoms) include, sudden urge in passing urine, sudden urges and bowel problems.

Bladder training can help stress urinary incontinence and Emsella is one of the best non surgical treatments.

Here at DSM we will offer all other treatments that are suitable taking in to consideration your medical conditions and other medical conditions.

If you are suffering with a frequent need to urinate then this can have a big impact on your social life and wellbeing.

Emsella is a non surgical treatment for overactive bladder syndrome.

Pelvic floor exercises can at a certain point help urinary incontinence and stress incontinence and often result in recurrent urinary tract infections.

The bladder muscle controls the want to pass urine and urinary symptoms and urge incontinence can be helped by stronger bladder muscles.

You may have been asked to record your fluid intake via a bladder diary to help know which treatment options are best for you.

This can lead to frequent and sometimes uncontrollable urges to use the bathroom, as well as urinary leakage.

EMSella is a non-invasive electromagnetic device that works by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

These muscles play an important role in bladder control and are often weakened in individuals with OAB.

By stimulating these muscles, EMSella-chair helps to improve bladder control and reduce symptoms of OAB.

During a treatment session, patients sit fully clothed on a special chair that emits high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy.

This energy causes the pelvic floor muscles to contract and relax rapidly, similar to doing Kegel exercises.

The contractions help to strengthen and tone the muscles over time, improving bladder control and reducing OAB symptoms.

Overall, EMSella offers a safe and effective solution for those suffering from OAB.

It is a convenient option for individuals who may not have the time or ability to regularly perform Kegel exercises on their own.

In addition to improving muscle strength, EMSella also helps by increasing blood flow and nerve function in the pelvic area, which can further aid in controlling bladder function.

Urge incontinence occurs when bladder irritants such as carbonated drinks or a urinary tract infection occurs.

Stress urinary incontinence, urinary urgency and pelvic floor dysfunction can be diagnosed on your initial assessment at a clinical practice.

You maybe considering a surgical revision or surgical treatments to have an artificial urinary sphincter fitted which has many risks and longer downtime associated with it as you will need to clean intermittent catheterisation and other
conservative treatment.

Bladder retraining can be achieved with Emsella via sacral nerve stimulation

First line treatment for medical conditions include other tricyclic antidepressants, bulking agent, multiple sclerosis, tricyclic antidepressants, augmentation cystoplasty and laparoscopic colposuspension.

The detrusor muscle causes the bladder contracts and can be one of the predominant symptom for associated disorders such as a dry mouth, adverse effects and detrusor instability.

At the initial clinical assessment, the consultant will discuss bladder training, how often you experience leakage or an urgent desire to urinate.

Conservative management of other treatment options for long term efficacy to stop immediate release of urinary diversion.

Detrusor overactivity can cause your running water works for most people and leakage of urine for many cases.

There is insufficient evidence to take from bladder diaries alone and therefore can sometimes end up voiding dysfunction treatment.

If you are having to regularly carry incontinence pads and have mucus production and
medication gives unwanted side effects we have the best non surgical treatment available for you.

With regular treatment sessions, many patients experience significant improvements in their OAB symptoms and overall quality of life.