Areas We Treat Leamington Spa

Here are the main, but not only, areas of the body that we treat – read on for more information

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Areas We Treat

Even the hardest, most gruelling work outs at the gym cannot give you the results you want. In just 30 minutes and a few short treatments you can get amazing results FAST!
mens arms
Arms can be for many a confidence killer, fed up of the bingo wings? Always covering up in the summer? Why not get noticeable results in a short session today! Call out team to discuss!
back of legs lady

Sometimes you can eat right, work out and still not get the results you desire. With EMSculpt we can target specific areas, the most popular being the buttocks favoured by the stars this gives amazing results FAST!

Emsculpt Legs calfs1
EMSculpt on the legs offers a more toned and streamlined silhouette. With noticeable lasting results in just a few short treatments you can achieved your desired results speak to our consultants today!

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